About Us

Flying Frog Publishing creates books and activity kits for kids and adults alike. Everyone asks us "Why are you called Flying Frog?" Well...the truth is our founder Rob has an obsession with frogs and was mesmerized when he discovered, in the jungles of Indonesia, hundreds of brightly colored frogs that appeared to be flying from tree to tree. Even though they appear to fly, his guide explained that the frogs do not have wings and cannot fly. They can only glide. It was an amazing sight and Rob vowed that someday he would create a company and call it Flying Frog. In 1993 he took a big leap and founded Flying Frog Publishing in Auburn, Maine.

Since then we have relocated to Maryland, grown and learned a lot. Now, here we are 20 years later. And we love what we do, developing kids' books and activity kits that include animal balloons, paper airplanes, finger puppets and more! We are all about helping kids to explore their creativity while having fun and learning along the way.

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